Captain U and College Recruiting-Open Cup


The Open Cup is partnering with CaptainU ( to create player profile books for the tournament for all players and teams Under 15 and older.

This is a great tool to support your efforts in the college recruiting and showcasing efforts.  This is also very helpful to the attending college coaches that will be attending the tournament.  We are promoting the tournament to all men's and women's coaches in the region with information on the tournament.  After the tournament we will have a complete list of attending coaches.  Our advice to all players and teams:  Do not rely on just the coaches to attend and then scout you.  You must be proactive and contact the colleges that you are interested in and invite them to come and scout your games at the tournament.  Be proactive, invite at least 20 universities.  

If you have a team account already, you just need to go to to CaptainU and add the tournament to your “Events” page! (If you have trouble logging in, and we will get back to you in 24 hours to help you with that.)

If you do not have a team account, go to this link GIRLS :  this link BOYS to setup your team in the player book, and give your players free access to CaptainU’s recruiting tools. 

What does this mean?

Once your roster is added to the player book, your players will receive an invite to create a free profile. Through that, they can connect with college coaches that might be attending the tournament, learn more about the recruiting process, or just start to gather information and track their tournaments and games.

The sooner you set up your roster, the more time your athletes will have to use these tools so they do not have to worry about this the day before the tournament. If your team is missing from the player book, I will send you a few reminders! If you get these reminders but you think your team is set up, double check your Events page for the correct tournament. If that’s right, email

Any questions you send to the Captain U helpdesk will be answered within 24 hours.