Mexican Pro Club Monterrey Rayados commits to Open Cup 2016!

Mexican Pro Club, CF Monterrey Rayados commits to Open Cup 2016

3 time CONCACAF Champions returns to the Open Cup after competing in 2012, 2013, and 2015 

the Under 13 and Under 14 and Under 16 Monterey Rayados to highlight Open Cup Boys Divisions

Monterrey Rayados, one of the top rated pro club academies commits to the Open Cup , April 17-19, 2015 in Decatur, AL.  Pro club Monterrey Rayados, 3 time Champions of CONCACAF Champions League and participate in 3 straight FIFA Club World Cups, is considered one of the greatest clubs in Mexico.  Selling out every league match for 8 years in their current 35,000 seat stadium, the club will open up their new 55,000 seat stadium in 2015.  see the club website: for more information.   The club's youth academy has one of the best records of producing professional players to their first team with 10 current players having graduated to the current pro team.  This has an estimated value to the club of over $30,000,000USD in saved transfer fees.  
Their youth teams are regularly competing in the top international tournaments and Mexican national championships having won titles and regularly advancing to the Quarter and semi finals. 
"It's great to be able to return to the Open Cup.  It's certainly one of the best tournaments in the spring and we enjoy competition against styles of teams that we don't usually see in Mexico.  It's an important part of our development programming for our future professional players. states Nicolas Martellotto, executive director of Monterrey Rayados fuerzas basicas (academy)."
Monterrey Rayados has competed in the Open Cup in 2012 with their 1998 and 1997 teams and in 2013 with their 1999 team.  The 1999 team that year had just won the Mexican National Championship 3 weeks prior to the Open Cup 2013.  Last Year, all 3 teams won championships in the U13,14, and 16 divisions. 
Past Monterrey Rayados Results in the Open Cup:  All time record:  22-2 
2015 Results for the 2002 Rayados team in the U13 division
Rayados 02 6-2 CESA 01 Premier 
Rayados 02 1-1 MSC Lakers Elite 
Rayados 02 3-0 Nashville Rowdies 
Rayados 02 2-0 BUSA Elite 02 
2015 Results for the 2001 Rayados team in the U14 division
Rayados 01 12-0 USC Premier  
Rayados 01 1-1 Lanier Sharks 
Rayados 01 7-1 LA Fire 01 
Rayados 01 5-0 Tennessee SC 2019 
2015 Results for the 2000 Rayados team in the U16 division
Rayados 00 2-0 UFA - Norcross Eagles  
Rayados 00 0-1 Club Ohio Cincinnati Green 
Rayados 00 1-0 MSC lakers Elite 
Rayados 00 1-0 Club Ohio Cinnati Green 
2012 Results for the 1997 team (playing 2-3 years up in the Under 19 age group)
Rayados 97   4-0 Evansville SC 96 Blue 
Rayados 97  3-1  Tupelo FC 
Rayados 97  4-0 Darlington Soccer Academy 
Rayados 97  1-5 FESA U19 Academy (El Salvador)
Rayados 98  in the U14 division
Rayados 98 4-0 GA Rush 98
Rayados 98 5-1 Evansville Blue 98
Rayados 98 2-1 CESA 97
Rayados 98 2-1 MSC Lakers 
2013 Results for the 1999 Rayados team in the U14 division
Rayados 99 4-0 Tennessee SC 2017 
Rayados 99 4-0 GSA Phoenix 99 
Rayados 99  3-0 Baton Rouges SC 99 
Rayados 99 5-0 Vestavia Steamers 99 Black