Open Cup accepted teams listed

International teams and teams from 12+ states will attend the Open Cup:

90% of teams from out of town!

80% of teams from out of state! 

Great diversity of teams is always the case in all divisions:  Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  

2017 Teams:  This is a rolling list as we process applications.  If you have applied and received an email confirmation, we’ve got your registration and will be updated in the coming weeks here.   These are the first round of early registrants in 19s to 13s (11v11) - 9v9 and 7v7 coming soon
Under 19-17 
SSA Chelsea 99 Premier Black (GA) 
Tupelo FC United (MS)
Alabama Elite (ODP) (AL)
Gulf Coast Texans East (FL)
Baton Rouge SC (LA)
Brilla Junior Legends 00 (MS)
Slidell Youth SC 00 Green (LA)
MS Rush Elite 00 (MS)
LA Fire 00 Red (LA)
SMSC 00 Elite (MS) 
Under 16 
CF Monterrey Rayados 02 (Mexico)
Gulf Coast Texans 01 (FL)
Brandon FC 01 Chievo (MS)
Darlington Soccer Academy (GA)
Alabama Elite 01 (AL)
United 01 1996 International (KY) 
GSA Premier 02 (GA)
SMSC 01 Elite Blue (MS) 
TFC United 01 (MS)
MS Rush 01 Elite (MS) 
Under 15 
CF Monterrey Rayados 03 (Mexico)
New Orleans Spartans FC 2002 (LA) 
BSC 02 (TN) 
Carolina Elite SA 02 Premier (SC) 
Gulf Coast Texans East 02 (FL) 
United 1996 FC 02 International (KY) 
Mandeville Lakers Elite 02 (LA) 
RAD 02 Gold (FL) 
Southern States Academy Premier 02 (MS)
Under 14 
MS Rush 03 Premier (MS)
VHSC Steamers 03 (AL)
Germantown Legends 03 White (TN) 
Tennessee SC 03 Select (TN) 
United 03 1996 International (KY) 
United SC 03 (AL)
Briarwood SC Ambassadors Gold (AL) 
New Orleans Spartans FC 03 (LA) 
Mandeville Lakers Premier 03 (LA) 
PSA Predators (TN) 
Huntsville FC (AL)
Carolina Elite SA 03 Premier (SC) 
River City United Cobras (AL)
Eagle Express SC Red (TN) 
Southern States Academy Premier 03 (MS)
Alliance FC 04 (MS) 
Under 13 Boys 
Homewood Freedom 04 (AL) 
Huntsville FC (AL) 
GSA 04 Premier (GA)
Louisiana Fire Red (LA)  
RAD 04 FC (FL) 
Arlington SA 04 (TN) 
VHSC Steamers 04 Black II (AL)
Brandon FC 04 Chievo (MS) 
Germantown Legends 04 White (TN)
Hoover Phantoms 04 Blue (AL)
New Orleans Spartans 04 (LA) 
United 04 1996 International (KY) 
United SC 04 Elite (AL)
RCU DA 04 (AL)
Mandeville Lakers ELite 04 (LA) 
Brandon FC Chievo 05 (MS) 
MS Rush Select 04 (MS) 
Under 12 Boys 
Lexington FC 05 White (KY) 
New Orleans Spartans FC (LA) 
United 1996 Gold (KY) 
HYSC Force 05 (AL)
Eagle Express SC Green (TN)
Tennessee SC 05 Select (TN)
Alabama Rush 05 (AL)
River City United Monrovia 05 (AL)
Brilla Juniors Legends 05 (MS)
Huntsville FC (AL)
RCUDA East 05/06 (AL) 
United SC Premier (AL)
United SC Elite (AL)
ASA 05 Gold (TN)
Madison Storm (AL)
TFC United Blue 05 (MS)
Under 11 Boys 
United SC Premier 06 (AL)
Arlington SA Gold (TN)
Signal Mountain Storm (AL)
Briarwood Ambassadors Gold (AL)
Huntsville FC Asenal (AL) 
CC Streaks Blue 06 (AL)
Shoals 06 (AL)
Barcelona Jrs (AL)
Under 10 Boys
Huntsville FC (AL)
River City United Gunners 07 (AL) 
Arlington SA (TN) 
RCU DA u10s (AL)
Madison Arsenal 07 (AL)
New Orleans Spartans FC 07 (LA) 
USC/ MLSA 07 Premier (AL)
USC/ MLSA 07 Elite (AL) 
Under 9 Boys
USC/ MLSA 08 Premier (AL)
USC/ MLSA 08 Elite (AL) 
Murfreesboro Strikers 08 (TN) 
TFC 08 Academy (MS) 
Huntsville FC 08 Man United (AL)
Huntsville FC 08 Everton (AL)
Huntsville FC 08 Chelsea (AL)
Under 19-17
Georgia Lady Revolution (GA) 
Tupelo United (MS) 
Eagle Express SC (TN)
Chattanooga FC 98 Premier  (TN)
Alabama Elite 00 (ODP) (AL) 
Arlington SA 18s (TN)
Mandeville Lakers Elite 00 (LA) 
Collierville Lady Lobos Rush Elite (TN) 
DC Galaxy Warriors  98(MS)
Columbia Lady Arsenal 18s (TN)
Brilla Juniors Legends 98 (MS)
Lazio 17s (LA)
PSA Las Leones (TN)
Under 16 
MS Flood 01 (MS) 
Alliance FC (MS)
MSC lakers 01 Premier (LA)
MSC Lakers 01 Elite (LA)
Under 15 
Mandeville Lakers 02 Premier (LA) 
Lady Lobos Rush Premier 02 (TN) 
Huntsville FC (AL) 
Purple Rain (TN)
TFC United 02 (MS) 
Columbia Lady Arsenal (TN)
Under 14 
Camp Forrest FC (TN)
MS Flood 03 (MS) 
VHSC Attack 03 (AL)
Lady Lobos Rush 03/04 (TN) 
River City United Lady Bulldogs (AL)
Huntsville FC 04 Blue (AL)
Under 13 
Columbia Lady Arsenal (TN)
Huntsville FC Blue (AL)
Huntsville FC Maroon (AL) 
MS Flood (MS) 
Mandeville Lakers 04 Elite (LA) 
Purple Rain 04 (TN)
Under 12 Girls 
Huntsville FC Blue (AL)
Huntsville FC Maroon (AL)
MS Flood 05 Premier (MS) 
Columbia Arsenal 05 (TN)
TFC United 05 (MS)
United SC 05 (AL)
OBSoccer Brazilian (MS) 
Under 11 Girls 
Huntsville FC Blue (AL)
Huntsville FC Maroon (AL)  
Arlington SA 06 (TN)
Lady Lobos DeSoto (MS) 
United SC Premier (AL)
United SC Elite (AL)
Tennessee SC Select (TN) 
Stones River FC 06 (TN)
RCU Raptors 06 (AL)
Camp Forrest Lady Chaos (TN)
MS Briilas 06 Flowood (MS) 
Huntsville FC Dash (AL)
Huntsville FC Pride (AL) 
CSA Lobos Rush (TN)
OBSoccer Brazilian 1 (MS)
ObSoccer Brazilian 2 (MS)
ASA 07 Gold (TN)
Huntsville FC 08 Madison (AL)
Huntsville FC 08 Huntsville (AL)
Murfreesboro Lady Strikers (TN)
Arlington SA (TN)
USC/ MLSA 08 Premier (AL) 
Check out the list of clubs that compete in the Open Cup:
                               Baton Rouge SC (Louisiana)
                                 Darlington Soccer Academy (Georgia)
                                 Gulf Coast Texans (Florida)
                                 Rocket City United (Alabama)
                                 Balboa Academy (Panama)
                                 Darlington Soccer Academy (Georgia)
                                 Baton Rouge SC (Louisiana)
                                 Gulf Coast United  (Mississippi)
                                 Evansville SC (Indiana)
                                 Cajun SC (Louisiana)
                                 Owensboro United (Kentucky)
                                 Bermuda National Soccer Academy (Bermuda)
                          SMSC Elite (MS)    
                            MSC Lakers (Louisiana)
                                 Mississippi Rush  (Mississippi)
                                 Gulf Coast Texans (Florida)
                                 SDY Jaguars (Georgia)
                                 Navarre United (Florida)
                                 SIU Strikers (Indiana)
                                 Gulf Coast Texans (Florida)
                                 Club Ohio - Green (Ohio)
                                 Houstonian (Texas)
                                 NUFC Vipers (Florida)
                                 Nashville United (Tennessee)
                                 CF Monterrey Rayados (Mexico)
                                 Guarani FC (Brazil)
                                 SKHY Football Club (Trinidad & Tobago)
                                 Challenger Crew Jrs (Ohio)
                                 GSA Phoenix Red (Georgia)
                                 Lobos Rush (Tennessee)
                                 Tri-State FA Elite (Ohio)
                                 VHSC Steamers (Alabama)
                                 Tennessee SC (Tennessee)
                                 Club Ohio - Green (Ohio)
                                 DDYSCWolves (Georgia)
                                 FC Alliance (Tennessee)
                                 Hoover SC Phantoms (Alabama)
                                 KY Fire Jr Premier (Kentucky)
                                 Murfreesboro Strikers (Tennessee)
                                 United SC (Alabama)
                                 Atlanta Spurs FC (Georgia)
                                 Tri-State FA Premier (Ohio)
                                 HFC Thunder (Mississipi)
                                 Carolina Elite SA (South Carolina)
                                Little Rock FC (Arkansas)
                                 RYSA Revolution (Georgia)
                                 PSA (Tennessee)
                                 Briarwood SC Ambassadors (Alabama)
                                 Eagle Express (Tennessee)
                                 NAU (Alabama)
                                 Premier FC (Mississippi)
                               Stone River SC Rapids (Tennessee)
                               Midsouth FC (Tennessee)
                               JFC Wolves (Tennessee)
                                Homewood SC (Alabama)
                                Bonivital SC (Canada) 
                                Prepa Tec -Equipo Representativo Femeniles (Mexico)  
                                MS Brilla (Mississipi)
                                Tennessee SC  (Tennessee)
                                Tupelo FC  (Mississippi) 
                                Chattanooga FC Premier (Tennessee)