Stream Sports to provide Professional Level Game Video Services

The 2019 Open Cup has partnered with StreamSports Video AND TRACE SPORTS. StreamSports specialize in providing high quality, elevated game film for player recruitment and team development and will be offering several packages for teams and players. 

INCLUDED in the Tournament Registration for U16 and older teams:




Full game film and clips for every player with zero effort.  Trace uses a robot camera, sensors, and AI to automatic film the game and creates clips for every player.

With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting is hassle free and effortless.  CHECK OUT MORE INFO ON TRACE HERE:

This is a great tool to showcase players for college coaches that are recruiting and can be sent to coaches anywhere!  Create your library of great match videos as part of your recruiting platform for players!

ALL Under 16 and older games are being filmed as part of the tournament package and do not need to be paid for.  You will receive links to all the matches.  You will need to sign up and register for the links at: 


FOR Under 15 and younger, please consider the below packages.  

StreamSports film from an elevated height of 25 ft to provide the optimal view for players, teams and recruiters.

Click here to see all GIRLS StreamSports Showcase packages. Game Film Packages must be pre-booked

Click here to see all BOYS StreamSports Showcase packages.  Game Fim Packages must be pre-booked


Showcase Package

• 3 games filmed in HD.  

• Individual Video Portal for every participating player

• Unlimited HD downloads

*** As low as $30 per player when divided amongst the team


Premium Highlight Reel Add-on 

• 3-5 Minute Premium Highlight Reel

• StreamSports Experts pick the plays

• Individual Player Portal for life

• College coaches 5X more likely to respond to a player with a highlight reel

Sample Highlight Reel

Individual Player Package

• 3 games filmed in HD

• 3-5 Minute Premium Highlight Reel

• Individual Player Portal for life




Cameramen are limited.

If you wish to have StreamSports film your showcase, please book online, e-mail or call 1-855-839-3676










Dan Fadida