Open Cup Accepted Teams - 2018

2018 Open Cup Accepted Teams: 

If you have been accepted but not listed below, teams will be updated in the coming weeks.  This includes updating the U9-12s as well. 

Open Cup Girls 
Under 9:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
CSA Lobos Rush Desoto 09/10 Lady Lobos RUS (Mississippi)
Arlington ASA 09 Girls (Tennessee)
Under 10:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
Mid South FC/ Memphis Soccer Mid South (Tennessee)
Arlington ASA 08 Girls Maroon (Tennessee)
Clarksville CSC 08 Girls Maroon (Tennessee)
VHSC LP Pele Girls 2008 (Alabama)
AYSO Region 498 Singh 10U Girls (Alabama)
Under 11:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
AYSO United 07 Girls (Alabama)
VHSC LP Pele Girls 2007 Lloyd (Alabama)
ASA 2007 Girls Gold (Tennessee)
Under 12:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
Extra AYSO 498 Madison “Reign” AL (Alabama)
ASA 2006 Girls (Tennessee)
Collierville 06 Lady Lobos Rush Red (Tennessee)
McMinn Force Futbol MFFC 06 (USA)
Mid-South FC 06 Girls (Tennessee)
VHSC Attack 06 Black (Alabama)
Saltillo FC SFC Elite 06 Girls (Mississippi)
Tennessee TSC 06’ Nike (Tennessee)
Under 13:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
Camp Forest Ladychaos 06 (Tennessee)
Soccer Ole Premier 06 Girls (Tennessee)
NTH Tophat 05 White QP (Georgia)
Murfreesboro FC Youth 05 Fury (Tennessee)
NMSA 2005 Girls Navy (Mississippi)
Under 14:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
Roadrunners 2004 (Illinois)
Alabama FC 04 ECNL (USA)
Arlington ASA 04/05 Girls (Tennessee)
Hattiesburg YSA HFC Storm ’04 Navy (Mississippi)
Aris FC 04 Black (Tennessee)
Impact G.F.C Blue ’04 (Ohio)
Under 15:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
Camp Forest Football CFC 03 Girls (Tennessee)
Hattiesburg YSA HFC Storm ’03 Navy (Mississippi)
Under 16:
Purple Rain 03 Purple (Tennessee)
Clarksville CSC 02/03 Girls (Tennessee)
Mandeville Lakers Premier 02 (Louisiana)
Mandeville Lakers Elite 02 (Louisiana)
Murfreesboro FC Youth MFCY 02G Heat (Tennessee)
Under 17:
Columbia Futbol 01 Lady Arsenal (Tennessee)
MSFC Bartlett SC BSC 01 Girls (Tennessee)
Under 18/19:
Greater Cleveland and Cleveland FC 00 (Tennessee)
ASA HS Black (Tennessee)
Jackson Futbol Lady Wolves 00 (Tennessee)
Lookout Mountain Football LMFC 99 Lady’s (USA)
Columbia Arsenal FC 99 Lady Arsenal (Tennessee)
Open Cup Boys teams
Under 9:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
SCSA Falcons U9 Falcons (Tennessee)
Arlington ASA 09 Boys (Tennessee)
Under 10 :
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
MAYS Striker 08B Blue (Georgia)
Columbia Arsenal FC 08 Columbia Arsenal (Tennessee)
Under 11:
CF Monterrey Rayados (Mexico- pro club academy)
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
United 1996 FC Gold (Kentucky)
USC 07 Boys Premier (Alabama)
Lexington FC 2007 Boys White (Kentucky)
ASA 07 Boys (Tennessee)
Club Independent Madison Arsenal 07 Boys (Alabama)
Under 12:
Huntsville FC (Alabama)
United 1996 FC United 06 Boys (Kentucky)
AYSO United 06B Blue (Alabama)
VHSC Steamers 06 Black (Alabama)
Under 13:
CF Monterrey Rayados (Mexico- pro club academy)
FC Alliance 05 Boys Black (Tennessee)
FC Alliance 2006 Boys Black (Tennessee)
CSA 06 Lobos Rush Black (Tennessee)
United USC 05 Boys Premier (Alabama)
Starkville SA Impact FC 05 (Mississippi)
Birmingham United SA 05 (Alabama)
VHSC Steamers 05 Black (Alabama)
Under 14 :
CF Monterrey Rayados (Mexico- pro club academy)
Eclipse Black 2004 (Illinois)
UFA Lawrence 04B Premier (Georgia)
VHSC Steamers 04 Black (Alabama)
AYSO Madison Spartans FC (Alabama)
Homewood SC Freedom 04 Boys (Alabama)
FC Alliance 04B ENPL (Tennessee)
United 1996 FC United 04 International (Kentucky)
Mandeville Lakers Elite 04 (Louisiana)
Under 15:
Louisiana Fire Juniors 03B La Fire (Louisiana)
United 1996 FC International Boys (Kentucky)
Louisiana Fire Juniors 03B Red (Louisiana)
Mandeville Lakers Premier 03 (Louisiana)
Shelby County Falcons (Tennessee)
UFA Eagles 03 (Georgia)
Under 16:
Hernando Express 02B (Mississippi)
Louisiana Fire Juniors 02B La Fire (Louisiana)
Baton Rouge SC 02B Red (Louisiana)
Under 17:
Gulf Coast Texans 01 Boys Black (Florida)
NMSA 01 Boys Navy (Mississippi)
Under 18/19:
Base Academy (Brazil)
Southern Indiana United 00 Red (Indiana)
Southern SSA Chelsea 99B Premier Black 1 (Georgia)