COVID 19 Social Distances at Soccer Complex

1)  Please review the Tournament Waiver form for Covid 19 participation with the signatures of all the participants.  This will be included in your documents to be uploaded for Team Check in.  It is available on the website :  HERE

2) All team bench areas and common areas will be sanitized between matches 

3) Hand washing stations will be at key areas of the complex 

4) Team leaders approve roster to not include any sick players.  Team leaders encourage any sick families members to not attend the tournament 

5) Pre-Screening of players and staff:  We ask that in the mornings of each day, the team prescreen all team members and attending family members – those showing any symptoms, sickness, or fever do not attend games or team activities.   

            We will send daily reminders via the tournament message system.

6) Tournament Headquarters:  1 representative per team.  The tournament headquarters is on the 2nd floor of the central building at the complex.  For any tournament headquarter needs, please restrict this to 1 representative per team – which should be the team manager, coach, or director.    

7) Team Hydration:  Important change to note: We will not be providing team water and Gatorade at the fields with large coolers.  Team coolers are NOT ALLOWED in the park for team consumption.  Individual water coolers, individual water bottles, individual Gatorade can be brought in.  Teams are responsible for their own hydration to eliminate team gatherings by large coolers. 

NOTE: Gatorade will have a distribution center providing individual bottles for distribution in a contactless process.  These are available to players and staff. 

8) Field Spacing: There will be increased space between fields to allow for social distancing among team areas and fans sidelines.

9) Increase timeslots by 45 minutes between games, to allow the 2 teams that have just finished a match to leave prior to arriving teams at the same field.   (positive: allow for more warm-up time on the game field- assuming field conditions allow) 

8) We encourage arrival times at fields at 30 minutes prior to kickoff.  

9) Games are also with staggered start times to eliminate all fields starting and ending at the same time.  For Example:  the 1000am start time will have some games starting at 1000am, 1015am, and 1030am. 

9) Social Distancing at fields and facemask usage.   It is important to maintain 6 feet social distancing for all spectators, players, and staff when not actively participating in matches.   When social distancing is not possible, facemasks are required to be used whether indoors or outdoors, per City of Decatur and State requirements.  Website has the orders available HERE 

10) Awards.  We will bring all trophies / medals to the fields to give to the coach of the 1st place and 2nd place teams.  There will not be official awards ceremonies but teams may have their own team ceremony with the awards.