College Coaches

College Coaches

We are developing a new recruiting platform for our Open Cup tournaments in Decatur, AL this April.  We have partnered with STREAMSPORTS to provide professionally filmed video game films for ALL Under 16 to Under 19 matches at the OPEN CUP in 2017 for FREE!   These game films will be made available to all interested college coaches wanting access to professional quality game films of matches.  Team line-ups, player profiles, and schematics will be provided for all matches.  We will, of course, be happy to have you attend in person, and will provide the same information.  However, we realize that your recruiting time is already stretched and this can provide access to players and teams regardless of your locale. 

In the past we have had a range of teams from the Midwest and the South in both the girls and boys.  We’ve also hosted international teams from Mexico, Panama, Brazil, El Salvador, Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago and will have some international teams again in 2017. 

Please register your interest in recruiting, for in person or online,

and we will provide you with updates on teams’ attendance, schedules, links to all matches, and team information


College Coach Registration: Open Cup Girls (April 6-8th)


College Coach Registration: Open Cup Boys (April 13-15)