Team Registration- Check in information- BOYS

Please review all the following information below:


Information is also available at:

Please note: Safety protocols and guidelines will be forthcoming next week and is posted on the website as well. 

1) Electronic Check -in VIA GOTSOCCER UPLOAD - the upload system is now open

A). DEADLINE FOR E-Check in is Sunday April 11 at 1159pm
1) Official State Association Roster / or/ US Club Soccer Roster / or/ USSAA / or National
organization roster (if other) : with all players that will be playing on the roster - including guest players - can be written in: all players need to have uniform numbers on the rosters. All coaching staff that will be in the bench area must be on the roster- staffing may be written onto the roster. (note: a GOTSoccer Screenprint is not an acceptable roster)
2) Medical Release forms (any form- there is not a specific tournament form to use)
3) Player ID cards - we need the front of all players cards scanned and sent it
4) For teams outside of Alabama: Permission to travel per your national association
policies. Note: current policies for US Club Soccer and USSSA team rosters do not require an additional permission to travel.

5) COVID 19 Team Waiver / Release form:  This is downloadable from the website at:  COVID 19 Waiver PSS.pdf ( 

B) UPLOAD your documents VIA GOTSoccer:

Each team can login to their team account, click on the Open Cup that you are
registered for, and then go to “Documents” where you can upload these.

C) You will receive confirmation, and a stamped approved roster, by Tuesday April 13  at 1000pm, if everything is approved or if anything is needed.
D) Teams will then receive confirmed registration acceptance and a scanned tournament approved stamped roster. Print 4 copies of this stamped roster to bring to the matches.  You will be able to pick it up before your first match.  (You will be allowed into the complex Saturday morning if you let them know you are picking up your 2 free parking passes).

2) Please note: Online schedules are the most up to date and will be where any schedule changes or weather related adjusted would be made. Communication procedures for any changes during the tournament will be made via these email blasts to team contacts and updating the website with information.

3) Game Procedures: Teams will be responsible for having all rosters/ player cards/ medical releases/ at each game. Teams will provide a stamped tournament roster to the game officials of each game – TEAMS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GAME CARDS – only the team rosters, player cards, medical releases

4)) Parking Passes: 2 team parking passes will be available for each participating team. These will be available to be picked up at the Friday night at registration. If these are not picked up here, they will be also be available at tournament headquarters, starting Saturday morning and team managers will be allowed in to receive them. Onsite parking passes will be available for sale for $10 each, this is a requirement and support for the Decatur Parks and Recreation Department.

5) Gatorade is a partner of the Alabama Junior Cup and will be provided for free individual Gatorade bottles that will be available for contactless pickup.

Brandon Abell
Tournament Director